What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental treatment that can enhance your smile in just one or two treatments. If your teeth have become darkened or discolored over time, teeth whitening in [city], [state] is a wonderful choice for improving your appearance. Professional teeth whitening utilizes a special gel that gently bleaches stains and discoloration from the surface of your teeth.

Should I whiten my teeth?

If you have noticed your teeth becoming yellowed, darkened, or stained, teeth whitening might be the solution you need to revitalize your smile. Dr. [doctor_name] may recommend professional teeth whitening to lighten discoloration and staining caused by various factors, including:

  • Poor oral hygiene habits
  • Consumption of certain drinks and foods
  • Illness
  • Smoking and other forms of tobacco use
  • Certain medications

Our knowledgeable dentist will customize your teeth whitening treatment to help you achieve the bright, white smile of your dreams. Teeth whitening is simple, effective, and safe. While most patients find the teeth whitening process to be very comfortable, some experience increased tooth sensitivity or soreness in their gums for a short time after the whitening treatment. To discover how our teeth whitening treatments can revitalize the appearance of your smile, we welcome you to call or visit us at [practice_name] today.