What is cosmetic gum surgery?

Cosmetic gum surgery is a type of oral surgery that we may recommend to enhance the appearance of your smile. The most common kind of cosmetic gum surgery in [city], [state] is crown lengthening.

What is crown lengthening?

Crown lengthening is a surgical treatment that involves removing excess gum tissue from around your teeth. If your teeth look abnormally short, or if you have what is sometimes called a “gummy smile,” crown lengthening can give your smile a more aesthetic look. During this treatment, our skilled dentist will carefully remove the excess amounts of gum tissue to expose more of the tooth structure. This makes the teeth look longer and can enhance the beauty of your smile. Crown lengthening may also be needed for certain restorative treatments in order to expose a sufficient amount of the tooth.

Do I need cosmetic gum surgery?

If you believe that your smile is too gummy or that your teeth look too short, we invite you to schedule a cosmetic consultation with Dr. [doctor_name]. We also provide cosmetic gum surgery to improve the appearance of teeth that look too long due to shrinking or receding gums. Dr. [doctor_name] will help you determine whether cosmetic gum surgery and crown lengthening are right for you. Call us today at [practice_name] to learn more!